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Friday, May 25, 2012

India Decompression Chamber / Medical Lock for Tunnel Compressed Air Worker

India Decompression Chamber
(Medical Lock / Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber)

Bird Medical Devices, India 
& Hyperic SAC, Peru ( Brand: Oxycab)
proudly brings Decompression Chamber
for Tunnel Compressed Air Workers 

Developed specifically by Hyperbaric SAC, Peru, S.America to meet the needs 
of the tunnel compressed air worker required to enter the compressed 
air environment on a pressurized tunnel boring machine.

All Standard worldwide safety legislation require an operational 
decompression chamber to be available for all tunneling operations and the 
chamber must be located on site. That chamber will be under the supervision 
of the supervisor however will be operated by the Chamber Operator and technician.

Our decompression Chambers either can be installed in a fixed room 
or can be manufactured in modular containers that allows the 
user to move the chamber from one place to another in case of 
Tunnel, Mining sites, Hyperbaric Decompression Training etc.


Dual lock Decompression Chamber Seating configuration:
Main Chamber: 4 seats or Two Stretchers  or T wo seats and one stretcher.
Ante Chamber:  Two seats for Attendants.

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