India Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Monoplace & Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers for human & veterinary applications at most affordable prices to suit stand alone centers & small clinics to large hospital facilities.

We offer tailor made unmatched
* Pre-sales consultation
*Training prior to installation
*On-site post installation orientation to Physicians & Technicians.*After sales-service commitment programmes

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" We are driven by our passionate belief that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will be within the reach of every one that needs the benefit of the oxygen revolution can render in India " - Bird.J.K

Monoplace Chambers

India Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber at affordable prices.

Designed to operate at 3 ATA pressure to treat one patient at a time.
1) Affordable Lowest Prices: Save on capital investment.
2) Less oxygen consumption: Save on cost per treatment. 

3) We offer unmatched Support: * Pre-sales consultation * Training prior to installation 
* On-site post installation orientation * after sales - service commitment programs. 

4) Continued clinical support:  Receive continued clinical support from our internationally certified HBOT physician.

5) Dedication: Our Organization is exclusively dedicated to promoting Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers in India, 
Saudi Arabia and Middle East
Monoplace Hyperbaric ChamberMonoplace Hyperbaric Chamber
Manufacturer: Hyperbaric SAC, Peru, South America.

Model: MO 13, 3 ATA
Technical Specifications :
Horizontal Tubular Monoplace Chamber:

Sections: Special carbon steel and acrylic.

Gas: Pressurized with oxygen.

Patient capacity: One ( Monoplace )

Working pressure: 3 ATA (29, 4 PSI).
Exterior Diameter: 900 mm. (35, 5”)
Interior Diameter: 840 mm. (33”)
Length of acrylic tube section: 1300 mm. (51”)
Length of steel section: 900 mm. (36”)
Overall exterior length: 2, 58 Mts. (101, 5”)
Overall interior length: 2, 55 Mts. (100, 5”)
Total Height: 1, 45 Mts. (57”)
Total Wide: 1, 07 Mts. (42”)
Total Volume: 1, 4 m3.
Stretcher width: 700 mm. (27, 5”)
Stretcher length: 2,100 Mts. (82, 5”)
Approximated Weight: 1,300 kg.
Flow Ratings :
1) Pressurization Rate: Up to 3 ATA in steps of 1 to 5 PSI/min

2) Depressurization Rate: Adjustable in steps of 0.5to 3 PSI/min.

3) Ventilation Rate: Adjustable from 50 to 300 liter per min.

4) Emergency depressurization: From 3 ATA within 90 seconds
Features :
• Control panel attached to the side structure of thechamber for ease of operation.
• Gauges, valves and special controls for complete control of the chamber.
• Penetrator ports for connecting optional medical equipment.
• T-COM penetrator port for transcutaneous TCPo2 monitoring.
• Safety device for oxygen, while the door of the chamber remains open.
• Double device, pneumatic and mechanical for door while the chamber remains pressurized.
• Automatic pressure relief valve.
• Communication system between patient and operator.
• Digital Indicator for treatment time, interior temperature and humidity in the control panel.
• Special antistatic bracelet for the patient.
• Exterior support for flat screen TV.
• Mobile and reclining stretcher of 700 mm. (27, 5”) wide.
We provide pre-installation training and post installation on-site orientation for 
Physicians and Technicians by internationally certified HBOT Physicians.

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