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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aastha Intensive Care Centre, Dhule, Maharashtra installs a monoplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy Chamber.

Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy in India is fast gaining popularity as an adjunct treatment  for  many medical indications.  Aastha Intensive Care Centre, Dhule, Maharashtra was started  9 years ago and it has a full fledged  ICU with latest technologies managed  by 13 doctors from different fields of medicine.  Aastha Intensive Care center, Dhule has   a reputation for rendering excellent critical care and for bringing the latest technologies in caring for the critically ill, and in enhancing that, it has recently acquired a Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber from Bird medical Devices, Mumbai, India.

This is the first critical care center to acquire  a Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy Chamber in the region of  Khandesh in  North Maharashtra.

Dr.Ninad Patil MD, Physician & Intensivist explains that Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy ( HBOT) is a treatment modality where the patient breathes 100 % oxygen while at increased pressure inside a chamber. At pressures greater than normal atmospheric pressure, the body is able to absorb more oxygen into blood cell, blood plasma, cerebral spinal and other body fluids and thus by biologically repairing and regenerating human tissue.

Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy is used for UHMS approved indications that includes 1) Air gas embolism 2) Carbon monoxide poisoning 3) Gas gangrene 4) Crush injury, Compartment syndrome and other Acute Traumatic Ischemias 5) Decompression sickness 6)Arterial Insufficiencies including central retinal artery occlusion 7) Severe Anemia 8) Intracranial Abscess 9) Necrotising soft Tissue infections 10) Osteomyelitis –Refractory 11) Delayed Radiation injury 12) Compromised grafts and flaps 13) Acute thermal burn Injury 14)Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing loss. There are more than  80  “off  label indications” for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used world wide and there are thousands of clinical papers published by renowned medical practitioners about its effectiveness.

Aastha Intensive Care Center, Dhule installed the Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber to render more effective clinical solutions and manage patients with illness  for whom no further options were available. Now with the HBOT chamber,  we are to a great extent successful in treating patients with severe head injuries, diffused axonal injuries, cerebral edema, strokes, non healing wounds, ulcers, osteomyelitis, crush injuries, besides many other indications.

Dr,Nikhil Shah (Neuro Surgeon) says, “We are very happy to see dramatic results  in some of  our patients by  delivering oxygen through  the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber, who otherwise may have needed surgical intervention”. Also, he adds that the recovery is faster and HBOT reduces the financial burden on the patient.

For further information contact:
Dr. Gautam Shah   M.S. (Orthopaedic Surgery)
Consultant & Head of Department of Hyperbaric Medicine
Aastha Intensive Care Center, Dhule, Maharashtra.
Cell: +919881278698