India Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Monoplace & Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers for human & veterinary applications at most affordable prices to suit stand alone centers & small clinics to large hospital facilities.

We offer tailor made unmatched
* Pre-sales consultation
*Training prior to installation
*On-site post installation orientation to Physicians & Technicians.*After sales-service commitment programmes

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" We are driven by our passionate belief that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will be within the reach of every one that needs the benefit of the oxygen revolution can render in India " - Bird.J.K

Monday, April 21, 2014

India.  Affordable Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers for
Diabetic Wound Healing centers,  Foot Care centers, Podiatry clinics

Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber,
Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber.

India. Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber.

HBOT has been called  “the surgeon’s friend’ as it improves outcomes and
can attenuate complications.  While hyperbaric oxygen therapy is certainly
no substitute for sound surgical practice, even, good surgical technique
cannot compensate for the physiological deficiencies of a
hypoxic, hypovascular environment.

Diabetic foot wounds are one of the major complications of 
diabetes and an excellent example of the type of complicated
wound which can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen.

Successful care of problem wounds requires an integrated 
team approach using surgery, antibiotics, physical therapy 
together with adjunct hyperbaric oxygen therapy when appropriate.

In many of the cases, wounds can result in limb amputation if not treated with the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an adjunct to standard care. With addition of
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment regime, the wound can be helped
to heal and limb amputation may be avoided.
Thus saving legs & even lives

Our list of current partial installations:

1) NRA Advanced wound Care (PVT) Ltd, Aysha Hospital, Chennai
2) M.V. Center for Hyperbaric Medicine & Advanced wound care, 
M.V. Hospital for Diabetes & Diabetes Research Centre, Chennai
3) Jubilee Mission Hospital, Trichur
4) Basil  Welness  Center, Chennai
5) Aastha Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, Dr. Shah Hospital,
Dhule,  Maharashtra.
6) Diabetic Foot Care Center, Delhi

Our Salient Features & Services:

1) Affordable Lowest Prices: Save on capital investment . 
2) Less oxygen consumption: Save on cost per treatment. 
3) We offer unmatched Support: * Pre-sales consultation * Training prior to installation 
* On-site post installation orientation * After sales - service commitment programmes
4) Continued clinical support: Recieve continued clinical support from 
our Internationally certified HBOT physician.
5) Dedication: Our Organisation is Exclusively dedicated to promoting  
Hyperbaric  Oxygen Therapy  chambers  in India,  Middle East & S.Arabia

Our Hyperbaric Chambers are:

* Profitable to your center
* Affordable to your Patients

We are driven by our passionate belief that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
will be within the reach of every one that needs the benefit of the
oxygen revolution can render in India.

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